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Forever Connected 

 Version 2.6

Platforms: Win 95 & 98

License : Open Source

 Size: 78K (download)

The Dialup Networking Power Tool

Forever Connected is the ultimate Dialup Network Power Tool for Windows 95 and 98.  It allows you to connect to the Internet with one click, no matter how many times your computer must redial and deal with failed connections. Forever Connected always tries again, until it succeeds. Once connected, it continues to stay active, and whenever your connection is broken it will bring it back, without requiring intervention from you.  Not only does it do that, but it also makes controlling the starting and stopping of your connection much easier.  You have full control starting and stopping your connection from

  • A small program window that can fit anywhere on the screen

  • A icon in the tray 

  • A hotkey defined on your keyboard.

Since FC doesn't go away when you disconnect from the network (unless you want it to), reconnecting is easy. No hunting around for an icon on the desktop and having to baby-sit the dialer if it encounters a busy line.  And it gets better: the deluxe version supports scheduling of your connecting and disconnecting from the internet! With Forever Connected, connecting and disconnecting from the internet is painless.

That, simply put, is what FC does for your normal day to day use of the internet. It's also really useful for downloading large files overnight as well.  Before FC, it would be unlikely that you could stay connected all night while downloading files. But with FC, and a good FTP program like Bullet Proof FTP, it's easy to download files of 100MB or more overnight.

For an idea of what it looks like check out  this screen shot; but keep in mind FC is not meant to be glamorous; it's function is the important part.

Give it a try today. Download the full version here here. Forever Connected is open source, so please understand we cannot offer any support for this product.

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