Forever Connected Version 2.6



Connect, Reconnect & Redial, and Disconnect from the Net easily, quickly, and even automatically.  Forever Connected is the ultimate MS Dial-Up Networking enhancement.  With it you can: Dial the net with just one click, redial and reconnect without any user interaction, and then disconnect from the Net with one more click.  And since the Forever Connected icon stays in the tray whether you are connected or not, starting and stopping the internet is always quick & painless. FC offers all this and more, in a highly customizable package.


If you downloaded Forever Connected with the installer, everything is set up already, skip the rest of the install section. If you downloaded a zip file, read on.  

This program can be installed and run from any directory on your computer. I suggest putting it in its own directory under c:\program files.  Wherever you choose to put it, you will probably want to make a shortcut to it,  to make it easier to find. Put the shortcut either on the desktop, or on the start menu. I recommend using the desktop..

If FC tells you that a DLL is missing when you try to run it  you will need to read the following.  Otherwise, you are finished installing the software.

This program requires two support files, MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL.  Together, these files can take up over a megabyte, which means you don't want to download them unless you have too.  Since many programs require these two files, it is highly likely that you already have them. If you don't, you have two options as to how to download the files:

A small download (600k), which requires that you copy the DLLs to the windows\system directory
Main site | Alternate site | Alternate site | More sites...

A larger download (1700k), which includes a setup program that does all the work.
Main site | Alternate site | Alternate site | More sites...


Operation - Quick Start

Just run the program.  Online help is included directly in the dialog, and explains every step you must take in detail to setup the program, and get started using it.


Operation - Advanced Tips

This program works in tight cooperation with the Microsoft Dial-Up Networking software.  In order to make the best use of FC, you will need to make sure that Dial-Up Networking is fully set up. These are useful tips, whether you choose to continue to use FC in the future, or not, so I strongly suggest you read them.

Dial up scripting

You should not have to enter your user name and password every time you connect to your ISP.  If you do, then you need to use dial-up scripting.  If you have the original copy of MS Windows, you will want to download a newer version of Dial Up Networking, such as  DUN, 1.2.  While FC will work with DUN 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, you should upgrade to 1.2 or 1.1, since those releases  fix several problems with Dial Up Networking, and have a very good scripting facilities.  You can download a newer DUN from

 Other DUN tips

Forever Connected Specific Tips

In the registered version of Forever Connected, you  have access to two extra options, which will help you set up FC to your tastes.  These options are related to tasks automatically performed when FC is started: Some interesting uses of these options include:

Hotkey Support

One of the most useful new features of Forever Connected is the ability to control your internet connection via hotkey.  Create a shortcut to the ForeverConnected.exe, and set the properties of that shortcut so that it has a hotkey (I use Control-Alt-C). Now, whenever you want to change the state of your internet connection (connect, when disconnected, or disconnect, when connected), just push the hotkey.  It's never been easier to control your internet connection.


Forever connected was once shareware, but it is now released as open source, unsupported software.  Please, use this software as you see fit, but do not request technical support from HCI Design.


(c) 2003 HCI Design.