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Lean CD Player 

 Version 2.5

Platforms: All Win32 (9X & NT+)

License : Open Source

Zip Size: 125K (download)

LeanCD Support

If you need help using LeanCD,  you should consider looking at the manual (included with the product download, but also available online).  We also have a list of frequently asked questions and answers below. Lean CD is no longer supported, so email sent to leanCDhcidesign.com will not be answered. 



Why is the leanCD.hlp file corrupted?

The .hlp file is not corrupted, rather it is not a standard help file. It is used internally by LeanCD to store data. I've come to the conclusion that I need to use a different extension so that people are not confused. This will be changed in the next version.

How do I uninstall LeanCD?

LeanCD is written to stay within in its own directory and not use the registry; so to remove it from your computer, just delete the directory in which it resides.  Of course, if you downloaded the version that comes with the uninstaller, you can uninstall LeanCD like you would any other program.


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