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Lean CD Player 

 Version 2.5

Platforms: All Win32 (9X, 2k/XP+)


License : Open Source


Downloading LeanCD Version 2.5

The LeanCD installer is 125K. It contains the full (AKA "registered") program and all its documentation.

Click here to download Install Lean CD.exe

The entire LeanCD source code tree (and compiled apps) is available here

If you have any problems downloading, try right clicking on the above link, and selecting save link as from the popup context window. 

Note that LeanCD requires two support files, MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL.  Together, these files can take up over a megabyte zipped, which means you don't want to download them unless you must.  All but the very oldest versions of Windows come with both of these files, so it is very likely you have them already. Try LeanCD out, and if it asks for any DLLs come back and download them here, or follow the instructions in LeanCD's documentation.  You can obtain the DLLs (both of which go in \windows\system ) from here.

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