This page tests game controllers connected to your computer, such as Xbox, PlayStation, or any USB gamepad. It's particularly helpful for determining of your controller suffers from joystick drift, and detecting dead buttons.

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Press any button on your controller to start

Buttons start red and turn black first time they are pressed. An ideal analog stick would read 0% when centered and ±100% at the edge. In the real world even high quality joysticks will read 3-4% after being released, and 10% is not unusual after some wear. Most games have a "dead zone" of around ±15% to compensate for this, so values below 15% are typically useable. 

Press 2 or more buttons to leave a circle at the current joystick position, useful for mapping out the range of the joystick drift.

All Xbox controllers (one/x/360, etc) are detected as being 360 by Webkit browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge), and are displayed with readable button names instead of numbers. Firefox just knows what API is being used (Xinput). This page should work even on Android via USB-OTG or Bluetooth. Note: this page is designed to visualize a standard dual-joystick gamepad, but may fail for devices that don't look like that. If so, try this simpler version.



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