Did you know JavaScript (on modern web browsers) can access your gamepad? Now you do. This webpage is designed for testing any controller detected by your computer over USB (such as Xbox and PlayStation controllers, etc.). It's particularly helpful for determining of your controller has joystick drift, and detecting dead buttons.

Press a button on your controller to start

Buttons start red and turn black first time they are pressed. Joysticks should read about 0% in the center and ±100% at the edge. In the ideal world all joystick axes should be zero when released, but even high quality joysticks will have 3-4% deviation from zero, and 10% is not unusual. Most games have a "dead zone" of around ±15% to compensate for this. 

All xbox controllers (one/360, etc) are detected as being 360 by current webkit browsers (e.g. Chrome). Firefox just knows what API is being used (Xinput).



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