Want to buy the piLagTesterPRO? The price is $75 + shipping. That price assumes you download the disk image with our software and write it to a microSD card yourself. Or if you prefer, for $10 more we can include a MicroSD with the software and OS preinstalled.

All versions of the Pi are supported, from the cheap Pi0 to the 4k-capable Pi4. Unless you wish to do 4K there's no reason to get anything more expensive than the Pi0.

Shipping within the USA is $5; outside the USA it is $20 (sorry, but that's my actual cost, international shipping is very expensive).


Special offer: Free shipping for check/cash orders

Accepting credit cards incurs high fees; if you can help me avoid those fees by paying with cash, check, or money order I will offer you free shipping in return. Thus the total to send is just $75 (or $85 if you want an SD card included). Please email orderhelphcidesign.com if you'd like to take advantage of this deal.

Orders via credit card are also accepted. Please contact me at orderhelphcidesign.com for info on how to submit an order. Please include a brief description of what you want to use it for, so I can confirm that this product will suit your needs.



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