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 Version 7.0

Windows (all versions)

License : Free

Zip Size: 15K (download)

MemTest FAQ

If you need help using MemTest, you should consider looking at the manual (included with the product download, but also available online).  We also have a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.  


I've heard MemTest versions prior to 6.0 are faster?!

Not true. 6.0 and later are actually faster, megabyte for megabyte. In addition, for 6.0 we rescaled the percent coverage based on extensive empirical testing. 100% should catch all errors except those that only occur intermittently. To catch intermittent errors you'll need to run to around 400%. Prior to 6.0 the recommendation was 1000% to catch intermittent errors. As always, running overnight is the best choice - you can be 100% sure your memory and configuration are stable, and your computer's not busy doing anything while you sleep anyway.


MemTest tells me  "Memory error detected...", what does this mean?

This is not normal. Your RAM is bad, or your system is incorrectly configured. Even just 1 error means that you have a problem. If you have overclocked your machine, or selected aggressive RAM timings in your BIOS you should try more conservative settings before judging the RAM fully bad. If you can't get MemTest to run without errors even with conservative BIOS settings, however, your RAM is bad. Replace it, or you will experience stability and corruption problems. Correctly functioning RAM has no errors, even if you run MemTest for days. 

Read the manual for more details on how to determine the exact cause of the problem.

I ran MemTest for several hours and it only reported a few percent coverage. Why?

This happens if you tell MemTest to allocate and test more RAM than Windows can provide without resorting to use of the swap file. You can verify this by looking at the computer's drive access light and seeing if it flashes on and off all the time. The solution is to tell MemTest to allocate less RAM. 

MemTest found errors that another memory testing diagnostic did not. Why?

MemTest has a more powerful technique for finding memory errors. Your RAM subsystem is bad, even if the other program can't find the problem.  Furthermore, MemTest finds the sorts of errors that real programs will trigger, so if it finds errors, you should not ignore it. 

Is MemTest capable of pinpointing which module or memory chip is failing?

Unfortunately, due to variations in CPUs and chipsets it is impossible to reliably locate the physical chip that is failing purely via software. If you have more than one SIMM/DIMM, you can isolate the faulty one by elimination. Run the machine with one memory board installed at a time. When errors are found the installed board is at fault.  

If each board tests OK in isolation, the problem may be with your motherboard or BIOS settings. If you have several memory boards and all fail when tested in isolation, it is even more likely that you have a motherboard problem. It might be a hardware failure, incorrect RAM timings, or an incompatibility with the brand of RAM you have.  Contact your motherboard manufacturer for help.

My computer crashed after running MemTest for 3 hours!

MemTest cannot directly cause your computer to crash, but there are indirect reasons this can happen.One is that your computer detected an ECC RAM error during the memory test, and is set to reboot when this occurs. Check your BIOS for such a setting. Alternatively, your machine overheated due to the heavy workload MemTest puts on the CPU and RAM. Check that your fans are clean and functioning properly, and find out if your motherboard comes with software to monitor CPU temperature while Windows is running.

7) Is DDR/RAMBUS/XYZ RAM supported?  

Yes. MemTest works with all kinds of computer memory.

8) How does MemTest work effectively if the cache is enabled?

MemTest avoids the cache by accessing RAM in a pattern which results in data requests that the cache almost always cannot fulfill. Occasionally it will request cached data,  however, so MemTest actually verifies both types of memory. 


9) How do I uninstall MemTest?

MemTest is written to stay within in its own directory and not use the registry; so to remove it from your computer, just delete the directory in which it resides

I ran MemTest for 20 minutes and had 140 errors with only 0% of RAM tested, is that right|?

Your RAM is bad - so bad that that errors are being found before even one percent of your RAM has been tested. Replace your RAM, or you will experience stability and corruption problems. See question #2.

What Bios settings do you recommend?  

It depends entirely on your motherboard and RAM. Try the Bios defaults, or contact the manufacturer for more detail.  If you can't get specific recommendations from them, you can at least find out what the most conservative settings are, and try those. 

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