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 Version 7.0

Windows 9x/ ME, XP, 2K, 2K3, Vista, 7, 8, 10


Purchasing MemTest Pro / Deluxe

MemTest Pro  $5: delivered via email
The Pro version is a Windows program that extends the free version. It is tuned to the needs of users who test RAM often: overclockers, computer technicians, hardware recycling centers, etc.,  and is licensed for both home and commercial/professional use.


  • Advanced UI (shown above)

  • Full command line control, allowing automated testing or periodic testing.

  • Errors are logged to disk so that you can send an official error report to whomever you bought the RAM from. Also, if the machine crashes or is shut down you can read the log to see what happened.  

  • A "nice" mode which allows you to test RAM in the background during normal use of the machine.

  • It does not pause every time an error is found, so it can be used to determine if failures are correlated with some secondary factor, such room temperature or intensive GPU load, rather than just as a tool that determines if there are any errors at all. 

  • It can be run without the "first time user" messages.  

MemTest Deluxe $14: bootable CD/USB version, delivered via email  
The Deluxe package includes the Windows native Pro version. It adds a 64-bit version of MemTest that runs directly from a bootable CD or USB drive without loading your OS first. This version can be run on any PC that supports CSM/legacy BIOS boot, and does not require any sort of installation. Plus, since it does not load an OS, it can directly access and test all of your RAM. This is a great disk for computer technicians. It also uses the rate that memory is checked as a basic speed benchmark. This can be useful if you are trying different BIOS settings. Not only will MemTest tell you if your RAM is still stable, but it will also indicate if the tweaks you have made improve RAM performance.  

The Deluxe version is delivered electronically via email.  We provide instructions for writing it to CD or a usb stick.



Pay what you want

We are trying a new method for purchasing MemTest that involves a grand experiment in trust. You get to choose how much you think MemTest is worth to you, from $1 to infinity. Payment must be made in physical US dollars sent in the mail. Because the mail is slow, all you need to do is email us a promise to send the payment:

In that email include a photo of the cash you are sending next to a fully addressed and stamped envelope, and you will receive the software immediately without having to wait for your envelope to get delivered.

Here's the mailing address:

Send your emails to the address below.

All payments below $14 will receive memtest pro; $14 and above will receive memtest deluxe too. Please no change, paper cash only, and wrap it in a magazine page or other colorful paper to prevent theft during transit.

And yes, Paypal is not accepted. Too many news stories about them locking accounts and confiscating fund with no recourse. I'm sorry if that disappoints, but is it really too much to ask you to send a couple minutes writing an address on an envelope?

If you are outside of the USA and have no way to send cash you may contact us below with any other suggestions of how you could send payment that doesn't involve paypal.

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