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Lean Count Down 

 Version 1.21

Platforms: Windows (all)

License : Shareware ($1)

Zip Size: 5K 



Syntax: hours:minutes.seconds  [message]      (message optional) 

Enter this text (hereafter instructions) into the text box to the left of the "start" button. Or enter the instruction as a command line argument.  

Note that there must be a space between the message and the amount of time you wish to count down. The hours:minutes.seconds syntax may be a non-standard, but has advantages as a shorthand, as need only type the digits that you need to set - 0 placeholder values are rarely need. Lean Count down can usually guess what you mean, as the examples below show:

Example instructions:

30 Stretch  Wait 30 minutes and then print Stretch

3.30 Tea 

Wait 3 minutes, 30 seconds, then print Tea

1: Catch Bus Wait 1 hour, then print Catch Bus
1:30 !shutdown /h  Wait 1 hour, 30 minutes and then shutdown (Any command can follow the !)


Lean Count Down accepts input from the command line, which makes it even quicker to load. First make sure LCD.exe is in your path (for instance, place it in c:\windows\system32). Then push WinKey + R on your keyboard and type LCD instructions.

Change log

v1.2 optional message can be at the start or the end of instructions. 


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