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 Version 4.5

Platforms: Windows (all)

License : Free

 Download  Size: 2.7MB (download)

FreeSpell Support

If you need help using FreeSpell,  you should consider looking at the manual (included with the product download, but also available online).  We also have a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.  If none of that helps, consider contacting tech support at the email address listed in the manual.


Help! FreeSpell doesn't work!

Make sure it is installed correctly by testing the simplest case:

  1. Run FreeSpell by finding it in the start menu.

  2. Leave FreeSpell open.

  3. Go back to the start menu and run notepad.

  4. Type some misspelled text in notepad, select it, and then push the hot-key you use (default=winkey+z, which means hold down the button that has a windows symbol on it (usually found between the control and alt keys), and while holding it down, press and release the z key).

If this works, then FreeSpell works on your machine, and the problem you had before may be due to an incompatibility with the program you tried to check the text in. Feel free to contact tech support (ours and theirs) about this. 

When I spell-check text in WordPad (etc.) the text formatting is lost

FreeSpell/ProSpell checks plain text; if the text selected has formatting, it will be lost. You can work around this in many programs by selecting text with just one style at a time. Usually the program will maintain the text formatting of that section if you do this. 


How do I uninstall FreeSpell?

Use the uninstall program in the start menu (be sure to close any running copy of FreeSpell first). Or, do the following:

FreeSpell is written to stay within in its own directory and does not use the registry. To remove it from your computer just delete the directory in which it resides.


Every time I use FreeSpell it replaces the contents of the clipboard. Why?

Some people would prefer that FreeSpell return the clipboard to its previous contents after the spell check is complete. There is an advantage to the current scheme, however. If a program does not allow FreeSpell to function correctly (say, the Windows desktop) your spell-checked text is still saved in the clipboard for manual insertion.

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