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Automatic electronic fulfillment system for PayPal Payments

We offer a software package for Linux (written in PHP, so it can be run under any OS with a PHP client, not just Linux) for automated software delivery that integrates into PayPal's automatic payment notification system. With this package users pay with PayPal, and then receive an email moments later providing them a link to download the software program they ordered. Note that this system could be used with any file that can be stored inside a ZIP archive, not just software.

For $50 we will provide the PHP code for this system, and 1 hour of support (via email) to help configure it for your current environment. Minimal programming skill is required; if you know how to write raw HTML code you can master the minor modifications needed to configure our product for your use. Note that you will have to provide the web server running PHP (version 5.x or later). 

 If you are interested in purchasing this product, please try it out by buying one of our $5 software programs for Windows, so that you can see how it works and evaluate if it would meet your needs. 


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