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Featured Web Apps

Game Pad Tester - test your gamepad/joystick for stuck buttons, analog stick drift, etc. All from your web browser.

Table simplifier - take an overly complex HTML table (such as from Google sheets or any spreadsheet that outputs HTML tables) and strip out all but the most basic styling so that you can design your own instead. Works with any HTML table, not just spreadsheets.

Featured Windows Products

Advanced Mouse Speed - more control over the speed of your cursor than Windows provides. Particularly helpful for mice with very high DPI.

MemTest - Is your computer crashing because of bad RAM? Use our Deluxe Bootable CD to find out or test your RAM from inside windows with MemTest Pro. A free, fully functional, no nag version is also available.

Lean Count Down - easy to use count-down alarm with both command line and GUI interface, which uses very little resources (CPU, RAM, or screen space).

DVD Span - A backup program that lets you burn large folders across multiple discs automatically and produces regular disks that can be read and restored from by any program and OS. Supports CDR/DVD/Blu media.



12/06/19 MemTest 7.0 released. Radically improved interface for MemTestPro - a long time coming, and badly needed. The free version continues to use the old interface.

11/28/19 New product: Advanced Mouse speed - reveals greater control over the mouse cursor than Window's settings/control panel.

DVD Span 2.1 released - Now with BluRay support. Perhaps naming it after a (soon to be) dated media wasn't such a good idea!




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