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Featured Windows Products

Advanced Mouse Speed - more control over the speed of your cursor than Windows provides. Particularly helpful for mice with very high DPI.

MemTest - Is your computer crashing because of bad RAM? Use our Deluxe Bootable CD to find out or test your RAM from inside windows with MemTest Pro. A free, fully functional, no nag version is also available.

Lean Count Down - easy to use count-down alarm with both command line and GUI interface, which uses very little resources (CPU, RAM, or screen space).

DVD Span - A backup program that lets you burn large folders across multiple discs automatically and produces regular disks that can be read and restored from by any program and OS. Supports CDR/DVD/Blu media.



12/06/19 MemTest 7.0 released. Radically improved interface for MemTestPro - a long time coming, and badly needed. The free version continues to use the old interface.

11/28/19 New product: Advanced Mouse speed - reveals greater control over the mouse cursor than Window's settings/control panel.

DVD Span 2.1 released - Now with BluRay support. Perhaps naming it after a (soon to be) dated media wasn't such a good idea!




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