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FreeSpell  Deluxe + ProSpell

 Version 4.5

Platforms: Windows (all)

License : Commercial

 FreeSpell: 2.7MB (download)

FreeSpell Deluxe + ProSpell

The 'Free' version of FreeSpell is fully functional. A deluxe version is available which offers more features, which currently include:

  • The ability to minimize FreeSpell to the tray.  

Also included with the Deluxe version of FreeSpell is HCI Design's ProSpell, which features a full GUI interface, while retaining the full power of the Aspell engine. 

FreeSpell Deluxe + ProSpell cost $10.

 If you wish to support FreeSpell with a donation and don't wish to purchase ProSpell, feel free to send in a smaller amount.

How to order

You may purchase ProSpell by credit card.

To order by credit card, click on the button:

Thank you for your support!

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